3 comments on “Halloween House Decorations Series

    • We decorate every year for holloween what makes this year diff is we moved out to the middle of nowhere. And well we wanna let them know we is here now we ordered a bunch of stuff we couldn’t find in stores. And next friday I will be home and we is gonna set it all up. I can’t wait to see what it all looks like when we are done.

      We also ran into a problem them damn styrofoam tombstones are grabage so I am making them out of treated plywood now I mean if I amgonna do it might as well do it right.

      • Excellent!

        I am almost done with mine for this year, unfortunately, a few days of rain and wind are gonna delay me a bit. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

        I ran into that exact same problem with the foam tombstones a few years ago. They’d fly away in the wind and I’d literally have to chase them down the street. It was a circus. I finally switched over to the plywood ones after that. I spraypainted them with a textured stone spraypaint, and I’m much happier with them now.

        Be sure to send some pictures! Happy haunting!

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