Taking Halloween photos can be frustrating. All to often they end up blurry because of the low light. Today’s cameras offer so many settings it  can be confusing. I am going to give you my simple guide on how I take pumpkin photos in low light with a point and shoot camera. This is using simple and old gear.

1. Tripod- Must have item.

2.Manual mode- F2.8 Exposure time 1/30 both of these settings i change frequently

3. ISO 100-200-  Problem with night photography is the noise the shots can have.

4.Bracketing- if you don’t know what this is take a  minute to look in your manual to see how to enable it. It will allow you to take 3 or more shots in succession at different settings

5. Lighting the pumpkin properly is crucial. Use more than one candle to get a better effect.

For a better guides


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